Power Generation Systems

Thermal Power Plants

We act as main contractor for design and engineering, supply, construction, installation and start-up of any kind of power plants, sold as turnkey projects, separate lots or components.
In the field of Steam Power Plants (either oil, coal or natural gas fired), BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC., during the implementation of the project, carries out:

  • Site Engineering
  • Basic and System Design to select and optimize Power plants
  • Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and I&C detailed engineering
  • Procurements of materials, Erection, Test and Commissioning and Training
  • Quality Control checks


Gas/ Combined Cycle Power Plants

Combined cycle systems, using both steam and combustion turbines are the most fuel efficient power production option for utilities and power producers.

High fuel efficiency complements the worldwide moving toward a cleaner and healthier environment, and the low rates of air emissions, along with the modest space requirements, of combined cycles are additional characteristics with strong appeal for the clients. Phased construction can provide additional flexibility to project owners. Our business focuses on combined cycle power plants in a wide range of generating capacities from 20 to 600 MW.


Non- Conventional Energy Based Power Plants

Wind powered electrical generation.

Renewable energy is energy derived from resources that are regenerative or for all practical purposes cannot be depleted. For this reason, renewable energy sources are fundamentally different from fossil fuels, and do not produce as many greenhouse gases and other pollutants as fossil fuel combustion.

Besides traditional use of wind, water, and solar energy, the mass production of electricity using renewable energy sources has become more commonplace recently, reflecting the major threats of climate change due to pollution, exhaustion of fossil fuels, and the environmental, social and political risks of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Our Expertise includes Detailed Project Report, Feasibility studies, Pre Purchase engineering (Preparing Equipment wise tender documents), Technical evaluation, Complete Power Plant Engineering, Preparation of Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Drawings, P&I Diagrams, Civil and Structural Engineering, Quality Control and Plans, Manuals and Documentation

Solar concentrator thermal power systems.


Manufacturer Category Description Image Fuel Model Date Updated Name Quantity Year

Used switchgear was installed for 4 years when the owner and the local power company constructed a new substation. Asking 205,000 Euros

Siemens GIS 145kv

06/21/2016 Siemens GIS 145kv 1 2007
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