Project Evaluation

Project Evaluation


BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC. provides services that are custom tailored for each assignment to effectively evaluate power plants and report problems or risks before those issues escalate into financial losses to our clients. Our inspection teams have extensive power industry experience and are always successful in identifying items that have been overlooked or could surface later to jeopardize budgets or schedules.

BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC. has worked on behalf of power plant owners and contractors to:

  • Perform the necessary investigations to opine if a newly constructed facility is Mechanically or Substantially Complete and ready to be placed into commercial operation.
  • Analyze the historical records and perform plant inspections and interviews to assist and participate in power plant asset acquisition due diligence.
  • Review newly constructed power plant “punch-lists” to opine priority of defects and deficiency.
  • Perform necessary document reviews, plant interviews and inspections to determine plant staff operational readiness.
  • Check project execution methods or programs including construction, engineering, commissioning, deliverables, scheduling methods, communications between project participants, various areas of risk analysis and project management performance so as to opine or suggest areas of improvement.
  • Perform necessary investigations to analyze and opine change order requests.
  • Check project conditions and issues to prevent or resolve construction disputes.
  • Review new project proposals, owner specifications, contract terms and conditions, contractor qualifications, choices of major equipment, constructability, schedule impacts or specific areas of participation.
  • Perform periodic project status reviews to confirm “on-track” progress, identify differing conditions, potential impacts or risks.

BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC. provides its clients with objective, unbiased information and solid recommendations to allow them to make the necessary prudent decisions that will avoid costly problems.

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