Value Engineering

Value Engineering Design & Optimization Review


BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC. provides audit services that are focused on review of designs and identification of areas that do not comply with the contract requirements or are not the most cost effective designs for the application. Our power plant and industry experience give us the “trained eyes” to identify inappropriate designs to safely reduce project installation costs.

The BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC.  Design Audit Program will identify cost in-effective design. Cost in-effective design encompasses areas of over-design, redundant and excessive equipment and materials, design exceeding the contract deliverables or improper selection of materials. Our engineers review the detailed design drawings and contract specifications at the initial issue or during the normal internal “squad check” review cycle. We examine the design product from an operational, constructability and design option basis to determine the least costly means to accomplish the desired objective without impairing safety, performance, reliability or ease in plant operations. Verification of compliance with contractual, technical or permit requirements is also an integral part of the service.

BROWN ENERGY GROUP, INC. offers the Design Audit Program as a beneficial “check and balance” step into the design engineering cycle to assure a cost effective design product. The fact that our audit is external, unbiased and completely performance based offers a unique but pro-active challenge to engineers.

“BE” wants its clients to have successful power plant projects and this objective begins with a cost effective design product being issued to the constructor.